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Susan L. Glodstein Faculty Member

My program of scholarship is focused on the intersection of clinical education and psychiatric mental health care of adults and at risk youth in the community. My clinical practice in psychiatric mental wellness is a private practice in the community providing psychotherapy and medication management. Related to this program of scholarship is an interest in suicide screening and prevention among adults and at risk youth. For my doctoral research, which I completed in 2017, I examined Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Attitudes towards Suicide. My 34 year long career as a psychiatric nurse has been a series of experiences which helped me make connections and foster strong bonds with graduate students. My teaching experiences prior to George Washington University were at Molloy College, Hunter College, and CUNY York College, and Stony Brook University (2014-2021). As the program director at Stony Brook University from 8/2020-12/2021 I revised all the curriculum and assisted faculty to lead students to successful educational endeavors during the COVID pandemic. The graduate students I mentored have been the beneficiaries of suicide prevention training, enriched advanced practice course material, a new simulation case about bipolar disorder, and pertinent PMH material infused in to courses with SPARK videos and Voice Thread under my tenure as a clinical associate professor. All exams and quizzes in the courses I lead and created were reflective of ANCC testing style to allow students to prepare for board certification. I have completed a chapter on psychiatric nursing approaches in patients with cancer for a book, published 9/15, entitled Issues of Cancer Survivorship, Editors Kantor and Suzan. I completed my dissertation on Advanced Practice Nurses attitudes toward suicide in the 15-24 -year population. I am the author of articles related to my research, published in the 12/15 edition of Compasspoint, the Association of Camp Nurses, a peer reviewed journal. I have also published my dissertation results in Perspectives in Psychiatric Care in 2018. My most recent publication in the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing (March 2021) analyzed the qualitative data from my dissertation. I have presented this work to multiple advanced practice audiences. My recent presentations which occurred as far away as London included information about advanced practice nurses attitudes toward suicide, using your words carefully related to mental wellness, and communicating in a therapeutic manner with those who have addiction issues. I have partnered with community agencies to allow for the exchange of information. My course work in the DNP program at Case Western Reserve University, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing stimulated many of my research interests and compliments the courses I teach. Many of my interests are a reflection of my experiences as a psychiatric nurse. I am a board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist. My continued interests are on prevention of mental health issues and promoting care with patients as partners with advanced practice nurses focusing on mental wellness as opposed to illness. My interests as a psychiatric advanced practice nurse include educating peers and patients about using non-stigmatizing language to promote mental wellness.

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