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Shawneequa Lauren Callier Faculty Member


At GW, I have collaborated with GW hospital colleagues (Raymond Pla, Cynthia Tracy, and others) on a manuscript, SMHS colleagues Trudy Mallinson (CRL), Raja Mazumder (Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine), Eric Villain (Genomics & Precision Medicine), Yolanda Haywood (D&I; Emergency Medicine) and Reamer Bushardt (Health Sciences) as well as Lisa Guay-Woodford (CTSI). Trudy and I are writing a proposal for the bioethics foundation, Greenwall to assess the ethics of pain testing in patients with traumatic brain injury. Raja and Yolanda and I submitted an NIH U54 proposal to build an equity and ethics focused core for artificial intelligence research (unsuccessful). Reamer, Eric, and Lisa invited me to design the law, ethics, genomics, and society (LEGACY) accelerator for the CTSI (pending). Nationally, Francis Collins (NIH director) nominated me to become a member of NIH's Novel and Exceptional Technology and Research Advisory Committee (NExTRAC) (Pending Approval) an advisory group to NIH. Lawrence Brody (NHGRI director of Genomics & Society) invited me to join the genomics and society working group which advises the national genome institute (accepted). GW SMHS colleagues nominated and recommended me to the National Academies of Medicine Emerging Leaders Program (application submitted; selections have not been announced). In terms of research, a U01 with me as co-investigator was funded. I'll be leading ethics and legal research on data science research in Africa and the entire grant includes research and training components with the Center for Bioethics and Research in Nigeria. Two R01 proposals were scored close to the payline. Reviewers said that I am an excellent investigator with impressive publications and a history of strong research productivity in genomics equity and ethics. Both proposals will be resubmitted and I am the PI on one, Co-I on the other. Harvard, UCSF, Columbia, Duke, Iowa, and UNC colleagues continue to invite me to collaborate on NIH proposal submissions and empirical research projects. My work has led to school of medicine lectures on the roles of race and genetics in medicine to Duke, Michigan State, UPenn (Ethics seminar), Case Western (Grand Rounds Metro Health in one instance and bioethics Master students in another) students, doctors, and investigators. In 2021, I was invited to visit Dartmouth's School of Medicine and accepted Dartmouth's invitation to provide a grand rounds lecture as a 2-day Visiting Ethics Professor. In addition, per NIH R25 funding, I developed a genetics ethics course for public health students. The grant is lead by colleagues at Milken and I developed the course throughout 2021. I am teaching 14 sessions in collaboration with my Bamako, Mali colleagues currently. In addition, I have remained actively engaged in cutting edge genomics research through an appointment at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at The Center for Research on Genomics and Global Health. I am actively involved with this center, attend monthly meetings and collaborate on research and projects. The Center often sends me to national meetings to present on its behalf. I am also an active collaborator with the Duke Center for Genomics Race and Identity. I expect my national and international research and intellectual contributions, R01 funding opportunities, and GW SMHS collaborations to increase as they have over the past few years.

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GW Expert Finder utilizes up to four primary sources that shares data to populate individual profiles. Reference these FAQs for information on how to update your GW expert profile.