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Natalie B. Milman Faculty Member


Natalie B. Milman, Ph.D. is Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership, Professor of Educational Technology, and Director of the Educational Technology Leadership Program at The George Washington University's Graduate School of Education and Human Development. She is also a member of the interdisciplinary Human-Technology Collaborations PhD program and research lab (go.gwu.edu/htc), a member of GW’s Academy of Distinguished Teachers, and winner of the 2017 Bender Teaching Award. Her research focuses on the design of instruction and models for the effective leadership and integration of technology at all academic levels; online student support needs, engagement, and learning; issues of diversity, inclusion, and digital equity; and the use of digital portfolios for professional development. She serves as the co-editor of the Current Practice Section of "Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education" and has published numerous journal articles, including in "Computers in the Schools," "Journal of Research on Technology and Education," "Journal of Technology and Teacher Education," "Online Learning," and the "Quarterly Review of Distance Education." She presents frequently at conferences and has co-authored several book chapters and books. Dr. Milman earned a doctorate in Instructional Technology from the University of Virginia’s School of Education and Human Development with a graduate specialization designed to prepare technology leaders. She began her career in education as a second grade, science specialist, mentor, and technology teacher in Los Angeles County, California. She has taught at the graduate school level since 1997 and online since 2001. She is fluent in Spanish, a first-generation Colombian-American, and a first-gen BA, MA, and PHD graduate. Key achievements in teaching, research, and service during April 1, 2021-Dec 31, 2021 were: >>>TEACHING 1) Received consistently high completion rates and ratings on course evaluations, surpassing most DEL and GSEHD scores in nearly every category; 2) Informally mentored several faculty members >>>RESEARCH My work is innovative and addresses established gaps in the literature. The following summarizes my research activity in the past academic year: 1) Google scholar citations in 2021=400 (and 1,517 citations since 2017) 2) 4 publications: 1 refereed, invited book chapter; 3 non-refereed articles 3) 2 grant letters of intent submitted: ADD (both rejected) 4) 4 presentations: 1 invited panelist, 2 paper presentations, 1 poster presentation 5) 2 media contributions 6) 4 invited colloquia & research presentations 7) Submitted draft of co-authored book contracted with ASCD entitled, Differentiating Instruction with Technology, in addition to 5 articles (in various stages of progress) 8) Serve as senior editor of the CITE Journal's Current Practice Section (since 2003). >>>SERVICE As a faculty member at the GW, I take my obligations to my employer seriously. I recognize that service is a critical part of my role as a professor – it is my duty to contribute to the greater good of GW and the academic community. My service spans within the University, GSEHD, and Department. Below are my service activities that involve leadership: 1. GW-GSEHD a. Chair of the GSEHD Executive Committee (June 2017-August 2021) b. Member of GSEHD Leadership Team (GLT) due to pandemic (March 2020--August 2021) 2. DEL (School and Department level) 3. a. DEL Department Chair (July 2021-present) a. Director of the Educational Technology Leadership Program (2011-present) b. b. DEL Steering Committee (member—August 2020-July 2021) 4. Editorial/Association Leadership a. Editor, Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, Current Practice section (2003-present) b. International Society for Technology & Teacher Education Research Paper Chair (2019-present)

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