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Karen Hudson Ihrig Faculty Member


Teaching (60%): I have taught 5 courses this year with a load lift for my coordination and management of the EBD programs over the summer months. Overall my course evaluations were very strong with an overall rating of the professor averaging of 5.0 in all courses. I continue to update and create new materials for the courses I teach. Doctoral Work: Dissertation - Chair Spring 2021 Paige Bradford, Spring 2021, A Qualitative Study of Programs Including Students with Complex Support Needs in the General Education Curriculum Muneera Fontaine, Spring 2021, An Investigation into the Sense of Community of Muslim-American Parents of Children with Special Needs in a Support Group Dissertation Defense Committee Member Monica Whitlock Arce, Spring 2021, Lived Experience of Parents Experiencing Poverty While Navigating the Special Education Process Nicole Write-Guise, Spring 2021, The Perceptions of Within-School Transitions: Voices of Former Students Diagnosed with EBD Kedist Geremaw, Spring 2021, Living with A Child with Autism: Perceptions of East African Immigrant Parents and Caregivers Service (30%) Department, school, and university contributions Committees -I continue to be a member of the Post Masters Appeals Committee (PMAC) - Co-Chair the Accreditation and Data Counsel (ADC) with Leslie Ward. -I continue to work with Pat Tate and members at OPPA on the new dispositions’ assessments for the department Department Contributions: In the fall 2021, I wrote the CAEP SPA reports for the program. I worked with the members of our program to create a new synchronous on-line master’s program in SPED, submitting for approval Spring 2022. Professional Community Contributions: I continue to provide consulting support and professional development to my partnership schools and other education programs serving students with EBD in the metro area. Training: I attended training on GoReact, a virtual tool for supervision. I continue to seek professional development to keep current in my supervision and coursework. Create and maintain school university partnerships I continue to meet with potential charter schools in Maryland and DC in hope to create new partnerships and recruit new students. Administrative Duties and Program Coordination. As program coordinator, my role is to ensure that tasks are completed, schedules created and adhered to and timelines are met. I work with OSL to provide recruitment support, program outlines, and solidify program requirements. I work with OPPA to ensure students meet DC licensure and certification requirements. I gather and report program data for task stream and CAEP. I create and provide new student orientation, creating new student handbooks and internship materials, setting up files to provide a repertoire of evidence for student teaching. I create a provide all documents for the new cohort, working with schools and systems to generate and solidify internship placements for the fall, making sure all students are registered for summer fall and spring classes. meet with each Cooperating Teachers to share internship expectations and requirements. I continue recruiting and interviewing potential candidates throughout the year. I co-advise the graduate students in our program and three doctoral students. I share many of the daily operations of in-house maintenance of the program but my most significant role is coordinating and overseeing our partnership schools and graduate student interns in the program. I meet with administrators, do direct supervision, and conduct seminars each week. Scholarship (10%) Henley W., Williams, R., Griffen, A., & Ihrig K. (2021, March). A deep dive: Understanding student behavior across cultures, what working, what isn’t and why. CCBD Showcase: Session 492. Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference. Virtual Proposal Submitted: VA CEC 2022 Williams, Richard and Ihrig, Karen (2022) Title: Investigating Integrative Behavioral Intervention Strategies to Support Healthy Behavioral Support and Modification for Students

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GW Expert Finder utilizes up to four primary sources that shares data to populate individual profiles. Reference these FAQs for information on how to update your GW expert profile.