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Julia Storberg-Walker Faculty Member

The theme of human consciousness development undergirds all of my current teaching, research, and service. I am conducting research in this domain primarily guided by quantum research findings of unity, coherence, and resonance. Research therefore is not objective and neutral, and I published a scholarly paper in 2021 illuminating the power of quantum research-informed methods for leadership and management scholars. In teaching leadership studies I have expanded beyond Collinson & Tourish’s (2015) ideas about critical leadership studies and into the realm of quantum leadership (Tsao & Laszlo, 2019). The foundational ideas found in quantum literature support and amplify my previous work on anti-racist pedagogy through the focus on what is known as consciousness of connectedness. And, the focus on human consciousness development is the driving force behind my efforts to create a ‘cohort within a cohort’ of conscious leaders within the ELP program. Of course I am experiencing my own consciousness development that guides, supports, and opens me to new ways of relating to the world as a scholar, educator, and leader. I have assumed a global leadership role as a member of the MSR Fetzer Scholarship Committee (described earlier) to foster relationships with doctoral students and young faculty from across the world. This committee is responsible for the annual AOM Fetzer Scholarship program, funded by the Fetzer Institute. The committee creates and administers the annual scholarship application and selection process, and then nurtures the development of the scholars through programming, mentoring, and advising. The intent is to build a movement of scholars and educators committed to human and planetary flourishing. In May 2020, it was announced that I was elected to the MSR leadership track, a five-year service role that culminates in Chair of the Interest Group in the AOM. I was also appointed as Program Co-Chair of the 2022 International Leadership Association Annual Conference, to be held in DC in October 2022. I co-led a small group of leadership scholars and practitioners from around the world to generate the conference theme, which is "Wisdom in Times of Crisis." As this demonstrates, consciousness development also informs my service and professional development efforts. I have taken classes through PRIME, a component of the United Nations Compact, on the connection between sustainability, flourishing, and human consciousness development. I attended the annual Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education conference. I’ve incorporated mindfulness practices into my courses and support their inclusion through neuroscientific arguments. I became a Faculty Affiliate at GW’s Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service, and served as a faculty reviewer for their annual GW undergrad student research awards. Finally, I served as co-convenor for the Global Consciousness Initiative (GCI) at GW; this is an emerging grassroots initiative that we hope will transform into an institute or center at some point in time. Participants included faculty and staff from a variety of locations in GW, including education, public health, STEM, and CPS.

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